We are more than happy to help you! You can ask us anything - about the products, shipping, larger orders or just in general about Golla. We do our best to answer you as soon as possible.


Golla Oy


Address: Kutojantie 6-8, 02630 Espoo Finland

VAT number: FI0997016

  • B2B inquiries

    Are you interested in ordering a larger amounts with e.g. custom logo printing?

    No problem, we can offer you Orion backpacks with custom logo printing according to your needs. We are happy to help you!, just send email to us with headline "B2B inquiry".

  • Retail inquiries

    Interested in becoming retailer for Orion backpacks?

    Please send as free-form application to us at with a headline of "Retail inquiry". Include at least the following information:

    - Company name, address, VAT-number
    - Store name and when it was established
    - Some photos of the store (if possbile)
    - List of other brands in store
    - Your contact information