Delivery & Returns

Delivery methods

Finland: Free delivery in Finland! Delivery to Posti's parcel pick-up in 2-4 working days. Return postage 5,90€.

Europe: Posti Parcel Connect 9,90€. Delivery time 3-7 working days. Return postage 9,90€.

Note! We currently only ship to the following countries: Austria, Belgium, Bulgaria, Croatia, Czech Republic, Denmark, Finland, Germany, Hungary, Luxembourg, the Netherlands, Poland, Portugal, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain, Sweden.

Return policy

We have 30-day return policy on products ordered from the online store. The returned product must be unused and in a condition for sale, including the original product labels & any product packaging. Please make sure that the shipment you return is packed in either the original shipment or in similar box that protects the product.

The postage resulting from the return (5,90€ / 9,90€) will automatically be deducted from the refund amount. The same right of return applies to damaged products or if you have otherwise received an incorrect delivery.

Returning the product(s)

Start the return process by contacting us first through the form below. Then you can take the return to the closest Posti location (e.g. local store or Posti office). Mention at the checkout that this is Golla Oy's customer return, as well as the code given below.

Our Posti customer return code is: 669954

Golla Oy

Kutojantie 6-8, 02630 Espoo

NOTE! When returning the order, please include the original shipping/return list inside the package or provide us with a pice of paper that has the following information: your name, contact information & order number. Please keep the return receipt you will receive at the checkout until the return has been fully processed.

Return form:

Refund policy

The money refund of the order is always returned to the same payment method in which the purchase was originally made in the online store. Refunds will always be processed as quickly as possible, however no later than 14 days after the products have been returned to us and we have inspected the condition of them.

If the value of the ordered product has decreased, the customer is responsible for the impairment of the product or the entire value if this has become unsaleable. The postage fee for the return (5,90€ / 9,90€) will be automatically deducted from the total refund.